a. Automated Data Migration
Of late many companies are moving from one billing platform to another or one EMR to another. When huge volumes of data need to be migrated from one system to another, manual data migration is not the best option. It is not just time consuming but maintaining the accuracy can also be a challenge. Therefore Truworth RCM designs scripts to migrate large volumes of data automatically from one system to another.

These are usually black-box software with very little user-interface and work at the back-end to effectively and accurately map the data from the source fields to the destination fields and transfer the data quickly and reliably.

Truworth RCM can design scripts to migrate demographics, appointments, financial information, patient charts, transcripts and any other information that can be mapped to specific fields in the source and destination system.
b. Manual Data Migration
Sometimes, there is a need for limited amount of data to be migrated once. Since the volume is small, sometimes the time and effort of designing a script is not worth the investment. Moreover this is a very labor intensive job, which means doing this within your organization will block expensive resources which could be better utilized for higher skilled jobs.

Truworth provides manual data migration services through its pool of resources that are skilled in high-speed data entry and supervises them with a set of keen eyes to ensure highest level of accuracy. These services have short turn-around time and allow you to hit the ground running with the grunt work already done.
c. Data Archival
In order to increase speed of data processing and cost-effective utilization of server storage, organizations like to archive old patientís data. Truworth has developed a scientific method to extract, compile and store this information in XML format to create composite information set of patientsí data to be archived.

The archived data will have individual patient files that are self-sufficient for future referral or importing again in the software with minimal effort and high speeds.

Truworth provides these services to its clients when they are migrating from one system to another or doing housekeeping of their current system for better performance.