EMR RFP Designing & Vendor Assessment
With the HITECH Act and ARRA Regulations Stimulus Money as an incentive, the pace of EMR adoption has picked up. But the supply far outpaces the demand since there are hundreds of vendors in the market with seemingly similar products vying for your attention. How do you decide which one is the best for the practice’s workflow? How do you ensure that the solution will fulfill your needs in not just the short term but long term too?

With extensive experience of EMR implementation for various specialties and practice setups, Truworth understands the different needs that people may have. Truworth therefore developed internal expertise to create EMR RFPs suitable to your requirements and specifications and perform a thorough vendor assessment based on the responses from the vendors. This includes an apple-to-apple comparison of feature-functionalities along with estimation of Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment to make an informed decision. In the whole process, Truworth ensures that the basic requirements of certification and demonstrable meaningful use are ensured so that the EMR software becomes a means for the stimulus money rather than the end itself.