It Services
A. Custom Interface Designing
We understand that sometimes off the shelf solutions will not suffice your requirements. Therefore we design custom interfaces from the scratch tailored to your unique and specific requirements. Interfaces are required between EMR and Practice management system, EMR & Billing software, Hospital software and billing software, RIS/PACS to billing systems, between old & new billing systems and so on.

Our Interfaces can be uni-directional or bi-directional as required by your business scenario. They can be used for both one-time (data migration) as well as on-going basis (daily data transfer). Our interfaces work with all HL-7 compliant systems and most non-HL-7 compliant systems too. Interfaces can be designed to run near-real-time or at a fixed frequency as desired by you.

The unique thing about our interface is the Business Rules Engine built into it which makes it much smarter than other interfaces who just map the fields from source system to the destination system. The Rules Engine ensures that incomplete or incorrect data should not reach the destination system. It holds that data on a staging area for clean-up before allowing it to be inserted in the destination system.
b. Custom Report Writing Tools
Often after shifting to a new Practice Management or Billing system, customers realize that they don’t get the reports that they need or in the format they need. This can be very frustrating as it translates into hours and hours of manual labor in compiling the information in the desired format, ensuring accuracy and doing it over and over at every reporting period.

Truworth has the perfect way out. In addition to whatever reporting capabilities your software may provide, Truworth can design custom report writing tools to generate reports that you need in the exact format desired. You can define the parameters, frequency and look-&-feel of the report and our skilled report writers will deliver it to you in a customized package.

Customers use our Report writing services to generate additional productivity reports, financial reports and data extracts for billing or compliance purposes.
c. Custom Dashboards for Analytics
This is the era of information. Not just information but actionable information accessible anytime, anywhere providing the most concise yet all encompassing view of the situation.

Truworth designs custom dashboards to help you take control of your Billing services. Our dashboards show the most relevant Key Result Areas (KRAs)/Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the most comprehensible visual format with charts, graphs, tables and matrices.

Although the dashboards are completely customizable, our standard report categories for the dashboard include Truworth dashboards comprise of Front Office Reports, Billing Reports, Collections Reports, AR Reports, Productivity Reports and Coding Analysis reports.