Thank you again for your expertise and helping us balance our month end reports. It has been such a big help having a team mate that knows the system so well. You and your staff have been wonderful and very patient with us.

I am so pleased with how far we have come over the past two months and Im so grateful (to your team) for their assistance. They do not just take our instruction and run with it; they take the time to think of the consequences our request will have overall and work with us to find a solution that works for both the team in India and the team here at MRG. They have been very willing to help in any way we have requested. It seems like they are just across the hall from my office some days.

I guess we just keep sending more and more work your way.. Thank goodness we have yall, I dont know how we would handle all this work without our friends half way around the world
We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with you. You are the best I have ever worked with when outsourcing accounts. It just feels like you care just as much about our accounts as we do. Its like working with family!

Billing Company in Mississippi

I am so pleased! I can hardly believe that it took me so long to "discover" you! You'll be glad to hear that after looking over yesterday's great progress and our project plan for the coming weeks I felt so confident, that I felt encouraged to actually book a week's vacation towards the end of June (imagine that!).

We all here have found your help a tremendous relief. We found that the data is entered much faster and therefore claims go out faster. Without a doubt the greatest benefit is the quick turnaround and the absence of additional staffing needs, issues with absenteeism, re-training etc. That is what we want to capitalize on and expand upon.

Billing Company Owner in Florida

Our company traditionally gives our employees a small cash bonus at Christmas time. We would like to extend this to your staff members who are currently working on our accounts. We would also like to give them a short note expressing our thanks for the great work they are doing for us.

Billing Company in Colorado/Tennessee